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Florida Classical Music Education - Music School in Florida


Florida Classical Music Education - Music School in Florida

Membership is based upon talent and potential, regardless of ethnic background, religion, race, or financial status. Auditions are held annually in June. They are highly competitive, with acceptance into the orchestra considered a distinct honor for serious young musicians. For further information please call Myra Weaver at (954) 558-3227 or (954) 962-5666, or visit our Curriculum page for repertoire examples.

Classical Music Education for the Gifted Children. Broward County Music School. Florida Music School

Music Education in South Florida - Auditions for Children's Orchestra in Florida
Our Membership Profile

  • 86% of F.Y.O. musicians have a school grade point average of 3.5 or higher
  • 81% are in one or more honor classes in school
  • 90% have studied their instrument for four or more years
  • 82% practice their instrument five or more days a week
  • 77% have held a leadership position in their school, church, temple, or community
  • 92% feel that music training has contributed to their academic and social successes

What our members say about the FYO

“FYO has been part of my life for over a decade, and I truly appreciate every moment that I have spent here. Now that I’m graduating, I will dearly miss my Monday rehearsals and I hope to be lucky enough to find another orchestra that can come close to repeating my experiences here. One thing is for certain: my FYO bumper strip will forever grace the back of my car.”
Ariana Baurley,
Principal Orchestra

“FYO has widened my interest in music, and has given me wonderful opportunities to perform. I love FYO!”
Karam Atli,
Principal Orchestra

“The Florida Youth Orchestra has done wonders for me. I’ve had a ton of fun over the last three years, and I will stay in FYO to learn more new and amazing things.”
Daniel Zevallos,

“FYO has made me practice harder and push myself to go farther.”
Raszana Shoemaker,
Repertory Strings

“I think FYO has changed my life for the better.”
Chris Accetturo,
Principal Orchestra

“I feel that FYO has given me many skills beyond music that I will carry forever.”
Alex Fox,
Principal Orchestra

“FYO has become a major part of my life. It’s great, from the practices to the great teachers and to the fun. In modern words,“FYO ROCKS!”
Sabrina Biton,
Chamber Strings

“It gives me a chance to express myself in ways that I cannot during my daily life”.
Donald Michelin,

“Joining FYO was – and still is – one of the best decisions of my life. I got to play at Carnegie Hall and at Jamestown for the 400th Anniversary of America. I learn new things every week. What’s not to love about it?”
Christopher Mignacca,
Principal Orchestra

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